Mastering IFP Usage Course

Unlock the full potential of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) with our self-paced online course. Whether you’re an educator aiming to transform your classroom or a business professional looking to enhance collaboration in the workplace, our comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage IFPs effectively.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the basic components and interface of an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD)
  • Exploring the various touch gestures and navigation techniques used to interact with the IFPD
  • Learning how to use the annotation and drawing tools available on the IFPD for creating interactive content
  • Exploring the multimedia capabilities of the IFPD, including displaying videos, images, and documents
  • Understanding how to leverage the screen mirroring and collaboration features of the IFPD for group activities
  • Discovering advanced functionalities such as split-screen mode, multi-touch capabilities, and interactive whiteboard applications
  • Mastering the use of built-in apps and software tools that come with the IFPD
  • Exploring additional functionalities and accessories that can enhance the usability of the IFPD

This course includes:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Flexible Learning
  • Expert Guidance
  • Certification