Revolutionize your collaboration and interaction methodologies and unlock infinite possibilities

Ports And Buttons

Top 4 Features

Experience the next level collaboration with integration of technology

Multi Touch

4K Video & Audio

Multi Device Share

1780 Wide View Angle

Top 4 Features

New level collaboration and interaction with high performance multi touch screen feature

4K Video and Audio​​

Futuristic Video And Audio Experience With Stunning Visuals And Premium Sound Quality.

4K Video

Have a crystal-clear collaborative and engaging experience for the viewers with high resolution 4k display featured in our Interactive flat panel making it a versatile tool for displaying the content with stunning images and videos enhancing every presentation and learnings visually appealing and highly engaging.


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Premium Audio

Ensuring the best interactive and collaborative experience for the listeners with the stunning sound quality, featured in the interactive flat panel making all videos and recordings sound immersive and realistic and ensuring in-depth audio quality and clarity with less distortion and noise.

4K Video and Audio​​

Setting up new opportunities for numerous ideas, presentations and conversations with the interactive flat panel’s intuitive multi device screen sharing feature.

jpeg-optimizer_multi connection less size

 One of the effective features that allows you to instantly share and control the displays of your laptop and mobile devices on an interactive flat panel, enabling you to effortlessly display and share.

1780 Wide Viewing Angle​

Experience the hands-on panoramic experience with 178-degree view angle.

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