In the era of Distributed Computing Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a key role in Monitoring, Data Collection, and Control. With the capabilities of running Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, Edge devices can make decisions without the involvement of the cloud.

EmbedTech offers IoT solutions for Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Smart Farming, Smart Cities, Hospitality use cases such as Hotels and Casinos, and Automotive use cases such as Fleet Monitoring, Charing Infrastructure, and Asset monitoring.



Edge or Gateway offers Offloaded Computation including running AI Models, Monitoring multiple endpoints, Push Telemetry to cloud, and Orchestrates end devices in real time with event-based architecture


  • Asynchronous Job Handling
  • Control and Automation
  • AI Modeling and Tuning
  • Support for wide range of Sensors and including Vision
  • Wide range of Connectivity Options (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LORA, ZigBee, UWB)
  • Portable Software Stack: Embedded LinuxRTOS and BearMetal
  • Custom Board Design
  • Over-the-Air Updates

Cloud Platform

Architect your cloud platform that fits your business needs that connects thousands of devices, stream real-time data, and scale when nedded


  • Scalable Micro Service based Cloud Architecture
  • RESTful API Interface
  • Kubernetes and Docker Compatible
  • Runs on AWSAzure, and Google
  • CI/CD with DevOps
  • Secure Multi-Tenant Deployment
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Monitoring and Resource Management Tools
  • Third Party Service Integrations

User Applications

Architect your cloud platform that fits your business needs and connect with thousands of devices in real-time and scale when nedded


  • Visualize Realtime Data using Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • Intutive User Interface with Data Visualizations and Control Panels
  • Customizable Dashboards built using Reactive Frameworks
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Single Code Base
  • Android and IoS Native Feature Support
  • Smart TV and Interactive Touch Panel Support

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Smart Cities

Industrial IOT



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